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A guide to ensure your tattoo experience stays special.DO

Human beings have a keen inclination towards art in general, It reminds me of the that wonderful line from Dead Poet Society, where Robin Williams' character says "medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for", it still stands true to this day.

Be that music, paintings or dance, we never fail to get invested in them. But the same thing can't be said about tattoos, people still seem to be a little foggy about it. Not to blame them, as tattoos have often been associated with antisocial behavior.

As times changed, tattoos became more and more mainstream, and there seems to be a lot of questions people have about this unsung art form.

So here are some DO's and DO'NTs of tattoos, that people should know before getting them.

1. DO go for a consultation

If you are serious about your tattoo, you should consider going for a consultation. consultation has many benifits, not only it gives you clarity about your requirments but it also lets the artist understand your requirements. At Lizard's Skin tattoos we alsways aim to provide our clients with options and help mold their idea into something which they can cherish. So next time you are visiting us, sit and down and have a chat.

2. DONT design your tattoo with a group of people

Tattoos are often too personal, sitting down with your friends and designing your tattoo might sound fun, but most often you might leave disappointed. Its always recommended to sit down with your artist and let them take the lead. That way not only your design will look polished and professional but will also be very concise.

3. DO Rest well before your Tattoo appointment

If its your first time getting a tattoo, we know how nerve wrecking it can feel. Thats why its always recommended to rest plenty. Resting not only makes you feel fresh but it also plays  role in the pain game. Not resting or staying empty stomach can make you feel a little bit dizzy and might make you sensitive. Resting is the key.

4. DONT be intrusive with the designs

This might sound a little tricky, but know this, a tattoo artist is like any other artist ! they need time and focus to design your tattoo. The way the tattoos are personal to you, its also the same for the artist, especially if its a custom tattoo studio like Lizard's Skin Tattoos. So its always appreciated to give the artists their space. Not only it will make your experience smoother and better, but it will also make the end result worth it. Always remeber a tattoo is a collaboration between the artist and the client.

5. DO follow the aftercare suggested by the studio

Rarely there are cases where the client is dissatisfied with the tattoo, and most of the times its because, they didnt quite follow the aftercare. Following the aftercare is the key, as it determines the healing of the tattoo. Going through the pain barrier is just the tip of the iceberg, its actually how much care you give to your tattoo that matters. Not following proper after care routine can yeild undesirable results.

6. DONT move too much while getting a Tattoo

Its a painful affair, we get it. That being said, you have to withstand it for the time. Moving too much can ruin your tattoo, since its happening on your skin, it might lead to accidents as well. Its always recommended to bring along a book or watch a movie while whole process takes place, anything that takes your mind off the pain.

7.DO get a tattoo that is personal

As Tattoo culture grows popular day by day, people are steadily jumping into the bandwagon. It might seem like a lucrative thing to get nowadays because of the pop culture, we recommend you to get something that is personal. Like anyother art form tattoos are personal, if you get something purely out of fashion, you might grow out of it pretty soon.

8. DONT get tattoos on your finger and sole

Finger tattoos might look cute, but its not really wise to have to it. The main reason behind it is that, the skin on our hands and feet shed and regenarate constantly, which might fade the tattoo overtime.

These were some of the Do's and Dont's of Tattoos. If you want more such content, you can also follow us on instagram and subscribe to our youtube channel.

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